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Model No: SYF-3378

Bicycle Wireless Turn Indicator



Easy operation, keep hands on the handlebar, no influence during the ride.


Wireless control, stable and safe wireless transmission technology. Not blocked by the rider or interfered by the same products (total 65536 sets coded protection).  And not affected by any shaking when riding.


Prompt and accurate reaction with no time delay. Wireless technology enables Controller LED and Turn Indicator LED indicators to work in perfect synchronization.


Light, portable and detachable design. Waterproof and weatherproof.


Hold the body and slide the Turn Indicator clamp into the body from left side to right side. Hold the body and slide bottom up into the Turn Indicator bracket.

Tighten the Turn Indicator buckle and bracket by 5x20 screw after the Turn Indicator buckle through the seat post. (Different brand has different seat post diameter, use the rubber pads to match up).


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