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Model No. SYF-2329

SAE Class 2 Warning Light


  • Lens Color: Amber / Blue / Clear / Green / Red

  • Designed specifically for rugged applications with advanced engineering technologies

  • Fully encapsulated circuit board, Potted

  • Heat dissipated polycarbonate base and conformal coated circuit board are built to resist any environmental concerns

  • Polycarbonate dome provides optimum light emission, and has the highest impact break resistance rating

  • Threaded O-ring seal between the base and lens keeps moisture out and makes maintenance a snap

  • Durable polycarbonate lens for intense display

  • A replaceable, helical strobe tube and an optically superior Fresnel dome to maximize the strobe light

Installation Instruction


Size: Low Lens 6.4" (163 mm) DIA x 5.2" (133 mm) H



High Lens 6.4" (163 mm) DIA x 6.8" (172 mm) H

Flash Pattern: Single; Double; Quad & Modulation Flash
Flash Rate: 68 / min.
Voltage: DC 12V〜24 V

Output: 11W

Energy: 10J

Bulb: 1 1/2 turn Xenon flash tube

Mounting: 1" pipe mounting thread in base
Lens Material: Polycarbonate
Meets SAE J1318 May 98

Packing: Low Lens: 6pcs/ctn



High Lens: 6pcs/ctn


EVA Gasket 1pc
Wire Grommet 1pc
5*25 mm SST Mounting Screw 3pcs
5mm Lockwasher 3pcs

5mm Nut           3pcs

Wire Splice Terminal 2pcs

Reference Item No.

Lens Color Height Model No. Lens Color Height Model No.
Amber 6.8" (172 mm) 2329HA Amber 5.2" (133 mm) 2329LA
Blue 6.8" (172 mm) 2329HB Blue 5.2" (133 mm) 2329LB
Clear 6.8" (172 mm) 2329HC Clear 5.2" (133 mm) 2329LC
Green 6.8" (172 mm) 2329HG Green 5.2" (133 mm) 2329LG
Red 6.8" (172 mm) 2329HR Red 5.2" (133 mm) 2329LR